Android or iOS – Which One’s The Better Platform for Mobile Games?

Games 07 Jun 2014
Android or iOS – Which One’s The Better Platform for Mobile Games?

The Android and iOS users have always been at loggerheads from ages-the battle never-ending for determining the supremacy over each other. It’s such a common sight to see techies holding their favorite mobile handset and arguing over the best platform for mobile games. It is a persisting battle between Android fans passionately backing their Android phones and iPhone fans ardently patronizing the iPhones.

The upper edge

Both OS have distinct advantages in gaming. When the iPhone made its debut, it was said to have best graphics in the gaming scene. The graphic, sound and hardware were touted to be the best in the industry. However, the android phones were soon launched in the markets competing for the best gaming experience. In a short span of time, android phones captivated gamers and users had no qualms in accepting that the gaming experience that android provides is irreplaceable.


The biggest problem android face is that most of the games get foremost released for the iOS platform. This scenario occurs due to the fragmentation of the android phones hardware. Android ecosystem compromise of hundreds of Android based devices which make it difficult for developers to make a bug free game for all devices. Because of the standardization of the iPhone, it becomes easy for developers to test the game on a single device. However, even many iOS games also may not work properly onto the older versions of iPhones.

Cost of games

Both of the apps stores are filled with thousands of games. However, it is often the case that an android user can download games at much lesser value than the iPhone users. We must remember that most of the free games follow the in-app purchases (IAP) format, where the players have to pay to keep progressing in the game.

Large Screens

An android phone comes with an option of having larger screens. Without doubt games can be enjoyed more if the hardware possesses a larger screen. A larger screen gets an upper hand in some of the genres like racing games or games which use lots of buttons and controls. On the other hand, iPhone till date does not come with options of a larger screen like seen in many Android phones. While android devices struggle on the premise that most of the times low-end devices are just not able to play high end games. Thus, many games suffer from various bugs, in the Android ecosystem.


All the techies praise the iPhone’s accelerometer and touchscreen. The retina display of the iPhone is touted as the best by many gamers, thus giving more refined experience to the player. The best in industry hardware impressively supports the gaming experience and lets the player enjoy the game exactly in a way it is intended.


With the cross- platform games becoming the norm, a player today finds almost all the major titles across all the platforms. Whether a player is an iOS fan or Android fan, options are just getting bigger and better for both kinds of players.  Apple’s iOS have its own distinctive advantages, and so does Android! Thus, we are compelled to say neither Android nor iOS is a clear winner, but finally it is the player who is undoubtedly the final winner.

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