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About Us

About Us -MoWeble

MoWeble is a platform where alpha geeks of different technologies post their thoughts without any stress or coercion by their seniors! They are not working on any project, neither are they given the task of writing on a said subject. On MoWeble, they are free to write anything related to their expertise, their technology. The sole purpose of having this platform is to provide the best mobile and web technology blog.

The board of MoWeble consists of several groups. These groups are categorized and labeled according to their technologies and interests. While most of the groups’ members write posts to share their knowledge and help readers, others do this for fun that at times annoys the readers.

Unfortunately, there are no editors for this board to keep the joy of freedom intact. Nevertheless, the authors on MoWeble have the basic knowledge of English and their posts easily convey the message they want. The blog is finely categorized for easy access. It is easy to navigate and find posts on a specific topic or technology. The blog is not meant for any geo-specific readers or audience.

Why does MoWeble exist?

The reason is simple -to provide and not just take! We asked ourselves, how much we provide something to the Internet, today’s god? Whether a video watching on Youtube or learning from Wikipedia, all the time, we all take take and take from the Internet.

“We have been taking TBs of information/data from the Internet, it’s now high-time to give it back!”

What all we give is just an ‘update’ on Facebook or Twitter, what we share is our pictures of personal interest. Nobody shares information taking pain by writing themselves. We just share but without any efforts. MoWeble is intended to break this barrier of selfishness. The author groups at MoWeble are all dedicatedely serving the society with their best of knowledge and in turn, taking nothing!

The posts & sections on MoWeble

MoWeble is updated regularly by the MoWeble author groups of techies. While most of the posts on MoWeble are informative, you may come across some weird and nettlesome content. This content is uploaded by the group called Nuts. The MoWeble has less control over these posts as an anonymous team writes them. It is difficult to trace them, and this group has no niche technology expertise because they write on all subjects. We request our visitors to write us in case they find any post uploaded by Nuts offensive.

MoWeble has an exclusive section called ‘We Talk’ where programmers meet, talk, and share their thoughts. This section is officially known as ‘Coder’s Corner’ and contains just code and nothing else. This section is NOT meant for the general readers and is maintained by sincere mobile and web developers, the group of authors not ideally fit for MoWeble.

Google loves MoWeble!

Within a short period of its launch on the Internet, MoWeble grew by leaps and bounds on SERPs. We are happy that we serve people the best and not only our readers, search engines like Google too loves us. There are lots of keywords and phrases where MoWeble is on the top. We heartily thank all our visitors and bots for making us what we are today.

About MoWeble Posts

MoWeble posts are written with intense research and the authors are given the freedom to express their ideas in their own words. Sky is the limit for all the posts on MoWeble and that is why you don’t just find the posts that speak the truth but also posts those are imaginary or hypothetical. No matter what, our aim is clear -to provide the best read in technology that entice, engage and amuse the reader! We do accept guests posts on technology unless they adhere to our guidelines specified by author groups.

Disclaimer & Copyright

MoWeble is a free platform where any techie can suggest, write and upload the post relevant to mobile and web technology. No dedicated team is working for MoWeble and thus, it’s likely, though rare, to have some portion of text or image violating the copyright. Should any person or organization concerned about it, write an email to us (movers at the rate of moweble (d ot) com) and we take immediate action removing the part in question. Also, MoWeble holds no responsibility of authenticity of any blog post about its facts, stats, figures or research. Nevertheless, the authors are well experienced and quote references only when confirmed.