A Smartphone or a Tablet -Which One Should You Buy?

Gadgets & Devices 04 Apr 2013
A Smartphone or a Tablet -Which One Should You Buy?

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops – the world of gadgets has been filled with these swift and savvy electronic devices. Currently, there is a huge clash going on between these gadgets. Since desktops and laptops are old players, they seem to have secured their own positions, but the clash of the gadgets has become very fierce among smartphones and tablets.

While some people are more fascinated by smartphones, others marvel at the wondrous tablets and the amazing features that they offer, and the rest of them are still in dilemma whether a smartphone is good for them or a tablet is better for their work. If you are utterly confused between the two, then be thorough with the pros and cons of both the devices.


An enhanced version of mobile phone, a smartphone is built with an operating system and features advanced computing capabilities. Unlike the feature phone, which just houses a few basic applications, a smartphone has a treasure of neat, useful mobile applications. The modern phone has a high-resolution touchscreen, great graphics, highly addictive games, Internet surfing capabilities, media players, low-end compact digital cameras and GPS navigation units – a smartphone has turned into a handheld computer. So spending your money to buy a chic phone would certainly be worth your money, right? Before you make a final decision on that, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of a smartphone.


A smartphone is a handheld computer. Naturally (and technically), it does have lots of advantages. With the modern smartphones, you can do almost everything that you can do in your computer. Right from surfing sites to capturing images, it helps you to get all your tasks organized through its several applications. Among the several advantages that it has, the prominent ones are as follows:

  • Smartphones have excellent battery life.
  • You can (and you will have to) always keep your smartphone on as the basic purpose of this device is keeping you connected with people.
  • The modern smartphone allows you to keep an eye on your mail all the time and gives you access to all your social networking sites as it has Wi-Fi and keeps you connected on the go.
  • They can still be carried in your palms (till their screen sizes remain five inches).
  • That low-end digital camera is simply great to click away pictures instantly (without fumbling with the settings).


Yes! All those advantages certainly make you feel that a smartphone is a must have. Well, if this is the case, then you should check out its cons too.

  • Though the screen size of the smartphones has got enlarged, they are still constraints to avid book readers. Also, the smaller screen size is not handy for handling and working with long documents.
  • Smartphones always face upgrade problems with their operating systems. For example, the Samsung devices that run on Gingerbread are still in the waiting queue to get their updates for Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • Although, the modern smartphones can deliver a good multimedia experience, they are no match for the larger screens of tablets and laptops.
  • If you are one of those gadget geek who likes to have the ‘ultras’, then at the price of an ultra smartphone, you can get a decent tablet with almost the same ultra features of your phone.


A hybrid between a smartphone and a laptop, a tablet is an amazing device that lets you enjoy the functionality of a notebook with the convenience of a smartphone. As far as its features are concerned, they are almost similar to that of a smartphone, except that they have a larger screen size. This one-piece mobile computer provides an enthralling experience to its users as it can get access to a wide array of applications.


Being the hybrid of smartphone and laptop, the tablet definitely has some really cool features. The interface, the connectivity, the graphics and the flexibility – everything just seems to be enhanced in this mobile device. But, there are some exclusive benefits of this device that makes it all the more popular. Let’s see what those benefits are.

  • The larger screen size of a tablet has and always will remain a great advantage for it.
  • The features of an operating system become more prominent in tablets than in smartphones because of hardware and software constraints of smartphones.
  • A decent tablet can be accessed at the price of an ultra-smartphone.
  • You can have awesome video chats in your tablets with your family and friends.


Pros are always backed up by cons, no matter how less in numbers they are, and the tablets are no exceptions. So, let’s see what the tablets are not good at.

  • The tablets are extremely delicate, and though they can be protected with a case, they have to be handled with care (while you can think of smashing your phone when you are angry, your tablet will make you think twice on that).
  • Though, there are tablets that claim to have good battery life, they still consume more battery life than phones, especially when you are using it to have great multimedia experience.
  • No matter how hard the tablet manufacturers shriek and claim that their tablets are thinner, they are always heavier than smartphones.
  • The tablets cannot go straight into your pocket while the smartphones can.

The Bottom Line

The one thing that may be good for you may be bad for other person. While you may be madly in love with smartphone, your friend will insist you to go for tablet because he or she is in love with it. But, the choice should be based on rational thinking rather than on blind love. Before you start a debate on whether to buy a smartphone or tablet, you must know your needs.

After all, you’ll be spending your hard-earned money for getting these devices. So, it is better to keep your head clear. Here, I would refrain from giving you my personal opinion as I feel that would be a biased decision. Therefore, I have provided a table below which suggests mobile device based on profession and requirements.


Preferred Type of Device
Business authorities Smartphone
Readers Tablet
Mouse potatoes Tablet
Office-goers Tablet
Travelers Smartphone
Teenagers Smartphone
Teachers Tablets
Shopaholics (they like receiving offers through SMSes) Smartphone
Housewives Can go for any device
Doctors Tablet

Smart Comparison of Smart Devices -

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