5 Things to Look For in Any Enterprise Mobility Solution Provider

5 Things to Look For in Any Enterprise Mobility Solution Provider

‘Mobilize your enterprise’ seems to be the order of the day. Over the years, enterprises have been continually revamping and adapting to changes in technology to improve their business process and fetch better ROIs. The present scenario shows mobility solutions to be a significant investment that is sure to minimize cost overheads, improve productivity and ensure better employee performance.

As several enterprises hop on the mobility bandwagon, it’s crucial to choose and partner with the right enterprise mobility solutions provider. Ideally mobility solutions for your business should entail the cost of developing the solution/app, its performance across various devices, the user experience it renders, the enterprise-grade security controls it provides, cross-platform compatibility, quick deployment and installation, necessary customization and flexibility & scalability.

Qualities of enterprise mobility solutions providers

  1. Design Capability and User Experience: The BYOD program has introduced a vast spectrum of handhelds that have to be made enterprise ready. Your provider should be able to facilitate solutions across these devices taking into consideration the various unique device factors like touch, screen sizes, Camera features, Near Field Communications (NFC), etc. The applications developed must also give due importance to user experience across devices.
  2. Industry and Process expertise: Mobility does not mean just putting up random apps on your device. It essentially means devising mobile solutions that drive business transformation and create better opportunities for customer engagement. For example, in financial verticals, banks can employ mobile banking solutions; giving their customers a whole lot of features that are easily accessible on their phone to enhance their banking experience with the firm. So the provider you choose should have the relevant experience in providing solutions for your industry vertical.
  3. Technical resources and expertise: A wide range of devices and an equally vast range of platforms make it unviable for you to run in-house development centers. In such cases, it’s best to hire the mobility services that can provide platform-specific mobility solutions. Consider various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows RT and Windows Phone, Samsung BADA and BlackBerry with development capabilities across SAP (Syclo and Sybase), Appcelerator, Antenna Software, Kony, Sencha, Oracle, and others. Not to overlook essential programming skills across Objective-C, Java, C#, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, etc.
  4. Outcome-driven and Flexible Contracts: Since Mobility solutions is part of a constantly changing and evolving technology, you must be prepared to deal with new technologies, changing business requirements, unchartered business models, etc. This would require you to make allowances for the same in your contract with the enterprise mobility solutions provider. Mobility solutions are never time-and-material based, they usually are outcome-based, revenue share based and follow the pay-as-you –go model.
  5. Comprehensive and end-to-end service capabilities: Though projects often start out as a small pilot projects, they often require a whole slew of IT services which involve inception, designs, implementation and deployment. As mobile solutions find deeper scope within the firm’s technology footprint and is a significant contributor to the larger IT strategy, it goes beyond being just a point-solution. So always consider mobility services as an end-to-end solution that comes with the necessary long-term support and maintenance.

Standard factors that mobile software solutions providers for enterprises should have:

Enterprise solutions are complex and much bigger as compared to general software programming. It is for this reason that enterprise owners should ensure that their project is in right hand. Besides above mentioned qualities of enterprise mobile solutions providers, here are the standard factors you should confirm with the IT company you hire.

  • Security: Enterprises have to ensure that stringent security controls are incorporated within their enterprise mobility solutions as it would put sensitive corporate data at stake. The necessary Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management steps would have to be taken.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: The BYOD has added to the woes of enterprise mobility solutions. These solutions now have to cater to a wide range of devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows8, etc.)available in the market today
  • Speed of Deployment: Rapid deployment of solutions would guarantee a better Return on Investment. The enterprise mobility solutions provider should have the expertise and experience to deliver a quick deployment of solutions.
  • Cost of apps/solutions: Several enterprises find this to be a limiting factor. Choose service providers that don’t require significant upfront investment.
  • Customization: Solutions should fit business requirements to the ‘T’. Enterprise mobility solution providers should be able to customize solutions that suit specific business requirements.
  • Integrate with Enterprise systems: The success to mobility solutions lie in its capability to integrate with key enterprise systems. Service providers should be able to bring enterprise systems, CMS and other features in a unified app.

With technological advances like Cloud Computing, enterprise Mobility is the perfect solution for enterprises to significantly reduce business operational costs improve employee productivity and enhance client engagements. So when Enterprises opt for mobility they should definitely consider these factors before they hire an enterprise mobility solutions provider.


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