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The Samsung Galaxy S5 or the iPhone 5S: which one would you choose?

Every time a new smartphone hits the market, it’s a battle of Android vs. iOS all over again. This time it’s no different. The Samsung S5 and the Apple 5S will be battling it out in

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Microsoft to end Support for XP

Microsoft Corp will now be sending its last software update patch for the globally renowned Windows XP Operating system on April 8. Company executives claimed that they were moving into futuristic technologies like cloud computing and

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Apple’s new OS Update: iOS 7.1

After pushing out several beta versions in the market, Apple is finally ready to roll out its latest update to the masses. The “iOS 7.1” will be made available as a free download to all iOS

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Yahoo Acquires Vizify: A Social Media Visualization Startup

Yahoo has completed the acquisition of Vizify, a startup company that will transform social media data into interactive visual aids such as videos and infographics. This takeover adds to the Yahoo’s long list of acquisitions designed

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Google’s Project Ara Coming Soon: Technology Updates on Moweble

Google’s project Ara is real and coming within weeks. Barack Obama’s victory retweet number was beaten comprehensively by a selfie image by Ellen Degeneres. Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox goes bankrupt and Windows store gains momentum. Check

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