10 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Computer Programmer

Brain Drain 03 Aug 2015
10 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Computer Programmer

One-time decisions require thinking for many times! Marriage is a one-time decision that we cannot revert (but repent of…), and, therefore, it requires more thinking. Today, I wish to simplify your thoughts regarding life partner through this blog.

To our mind, it is better to marry a computer programmer. Read on to believe our stance:

Computer programmers are geeks, and they are dedicated to laptops, PCs, and the like. However, it is difficult to divert their attention, but, once you get succeeded, there are fewer chances that others get succeeded! In other words, they are more loyal than other professionals. (Sorry, doctors and engineers, God bless you!)

Let’s move ahead. Apart from loyalty, you can get the following benefits when you marry a computer programmer:

  1. They are rich: They work in IT firms that offer a BIG package, and for earning more money, they are always ready to jump in another firm.
  2. They are logical talkers: They are used to talking with computers that make them more logical and precise! In other words, you will have no nonsense talks with your spouse.
  3. They are with you on every weekend: Yes, they have off on every weekend, which means that you can always have a plan for outing or a mini picnic in every weekend.
  4. They are selective: No chance of settling with inferior things in life. They are highly selective in nature, which means you will get the best things in your life.
  5. They are always online: Either you want to send a casual message or a lovely kiss online; you will always get the instant response as your spouse is always available online. [One more thing: Computer programmers are more social when they’re online rather than offline, so there is no chance of ‘offline’ affair!]
  6. They are bug solvers: They love the removal of bugs. Similarly, if any bug enters in your marriage life, they are quick to remove it. They are very good at solving problems, whether they are generated by a system or a spouse.
  7. They are gadget lovers: You can expect an iPhone or a smartwatch as an anniversary or a birthday gift. (I am not sure though, you can use it or not!)
  8. They want to make their sons the next Steve Jobs: That’s a wonderful thing. They love technology so much that they simply can’t think beyond that! They want their sons to become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.
  9. They are willing to shift: Transfer is not a big thing for them. They are ready to go anywhere under the sun with the phrase ‘better opportunity’. You just get ready to live in multiple countries and cities.
  10. They are troubleshooters: If your device stops working at any point in time, you do not require any professional to repair it.

If you are still not convinced, then you are free to think about other professionals!

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